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FOOD FROM THE HEART 5 Stars Yelp PLANT-CENTRIC “These delights are now legendary among our friends and family.” q CAL-MEDITERRANEAN “The food was fresh, with lots of variety and very yummy-everyone loved it!” The best of California – Mediterranean cuisine. q DAIRY-FREE “A beautiful, delicious, and creative meal.” CATERING


Eli’s Gourmet Cooking offers the best of California – Mediterranean cuisine

Platters & individual boxes featuring Northern California’s seasonal bounty


Our menu is totally kosher and 80% is dairy, nut, soy and gluten-free

“On top of having great food, Eli was straightforward about his pricing, which was such a breath of fresh air.”

Welcome to Eli’s Gourmet Cooking

Founder & Chef Eli Gilad, Ph.D.


My Mediterranean culinary roots come from a cuisine that emphasizes vegetables, fruits, fish and olive oil. With a wide range of seasonal ingredients available in Northern California year round, whether you are planning a special event for 200 or looking for takeout for 2, my goal is to produce fabulous food to bring a smile to your taste buds!

For many years while a biology research scientist, I cooked privately for the pleasure of nourishing my family and friends. Eventually, I realized that I enjoyed cooking even more than my laboratory work! So, after a long and successful career in biotech, I decided to devote my attention to my other passion – and in 2010 Eli’s Gourmet Cooking was born.

I believe that the same qualities that make a good scientist also make a good chef.

• Detailed knowledge allows me to selectively choose the highest quality ingredients.

• The ability to consider different perspectives allows me to create innovative dishes based upon a solid culinary foundation.

• My commitment to practical know-how and consistent methodology produces reliable top quality dishes. The result is happy customers who return time and time again.

I hope to feed you soon.