Meet the Chef

A personal note from Eli Gilad, Ph.D., founder and Chef of Eli’s Gourmet Cooking

Eli-Z Lily Bat Mitzvah-9138Working as a career scientist, I cooked for leisure and to nourish my family and friends. I eventually realized that I enjoy cooking even more than my laboratory work: both combine many of the same skills, but the outcome of cooking is more satisfying. So after a long and successful career in biology research, I decided to devote my attention to my other passion.

The same qualities that make a good scientist also make a good chef: the combination of technical knowledge, the ability to view things from different perspectives, and practical know-how. This combination unleashes my creativity in the kitchen:

  • Detailed knowledge allows me to selectively choose and combine the highest quality produce and other ingredients.
  • Different perspectives, such as familiarity with different cuisines, allow me to create innovative dishes.
  • Practical know-how and relying upon past experiments is essential to successfully